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A Path to Six-Figure Salaries for Teachers in San Elizario ISD

A Path to Six-Figure Salaries for Teachers in San Elizario ISD

SAN ELIZARIO, TX – At a recent San Elizario Independent School District meeting, the Board of Trustees honored teachers for their commitment to improving student outcomes through their participation in the Teacher Incentive Allotment program (TIA). The TIA program offers educators a pathway to a six-figure salary by demonstrating exceptional classroom performance.

From Lorenzo G. Loya Elementary School, Bianca Mendoza and Michelle Delgado will receive $14,203 each and have been honored as exemplary educators. Jessica Ortega will receive $7,101, and she has been honored as recognized. Their dedication to fostering a positive learning environment and facilitating student progress has been instrumental in achieving this recognition.

Additionally, Talia Reyes and Claudia Murphy, both recognized educators from Lorenzo G. Alarcon Elementary School, will each be awarded $7,759 for their impactful teaching methods and commitment to student success.

Maria Carrillo, a recognized educator from Alfonso Borrego, Sr. Elementary School, will receive $6,853 for her contributions to student growth and achievement.

The TIA program operates on the principle of incentivizing and rewarding educators who demonstrate measurable improvements in student outcomes. By aligning teacher compensation with student performance, the program not only acknowledges teachers' hard work and dedication but also encourages continuous professional development and innovation in teaching practices.

Through initiatives like the Teacher Incentive Allotment program, the Texas Education Agency is making significant strides in attracting and retaining high-quality educators. By fostering a culture of excellence in education across the state, programs like TIA serve as a testament to the value placed on teachers' contributions and the importance of investing in their professional growth and development.