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Two San Elizario ISD Trustees Elected to LAC

Two San Elizario ISD Trustees Elected to LAC


SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – At a recent Texas Association of School Board (TASB) Grassroots Meeting, two San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) Board of Trustees, Secretary Sandra Licon and Trustee Lorenzo Luevano, were elected to serve on the TASB Legislative Advisory Council (LAC).

Regional school board members gathered at the Socorro Independent School District Technology Service Center to hold the annual grassroots meeting. The meeting consisted of a dinner, reviewing the 88th Legislative Session, and identifying/discussing the top legislative issues. The TASB Risk Management Fund also awarded a student scholarship to the Canutillo Independent School District.

According to TASB, the LAC is a council of school board members representing the 20 Education Service Center regions throughout Texas. LAC members meet twice yearly to review legislative priorities gathered throughout the state. The LAC works together to develop statements reflecting the general sentiment on each issue. The list of priorities then gets presented to the TASB Legislative Committee for further review before submitting to the TASB Board of Directors and ultimately adopted by the delegate assembly.

At the ESC Region 19 Grassroots meeting, the following legislative priorities were identified: 1) Increasing the Basic Allotment, 2) Opposition to Vouchers, 3) Teacher recruitment/retention / increased salaries, 4) School Safety and Security, and 5) Funding schools based on student enrollment.

Of being elected to serve on the LAC, Trustee Lorenzo Luevano states, “Advocating and being vocal for legislation to ensure our district's and region's needs are heard. In which it will not only serve our students and staff but will also help us build stronger communities where all can benefit and be part of." Mr. Luevano has served on the SEISD board for eleven months since February 2023. Mrs. Licon has served on the SEISD board for over seven years since November 2016. Licon states, “Being elected to serve at the local level is only the beginning; we must extend our advocacy to engage with other local leaders and throughout the state to advocate for public education to the state’s capitol.”

Mrs. Sandra Licon and Mr. Lorenzo Luevano will attend legislative advisory council meetings with three other regional board trustees elected: Ms. Alice Gardea from Socorro ISD, Ms. Blanca Trout from Canutillo ISD, and Ms. Marlene Bullard from Tornillo ISD.