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San Elizario ISD Educators Receive El Paso Community Foundation Classroom Fund Grant

San Elizario ISD Educators Receive  El Paso Community Foundation Classroom Fund Grant

Top row left to right: Rachel Norman Aguirre, Elizabeth Luna-Lopez, Rebecca Olan-Gomez,
Marisol Galarza, and Harry Collins

SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – Five teachers in the San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) received the Classroom Fund, a project with the El Paso Community Foundation. The Classroom Fund was established in 2011 to help teachers with classroom supplies. School teachers from El Paso and Las Cruces can apply for the grant. With the generous support of The El Paso Community Foundation, the Classroom Fund helps educators with the necessary supplies to help support students.

Alarcon Elementary School Principal Leticia de Santos states, "Thank you so much to the El Paso Community Foundation for allowing our teachers to apply for funds which will help our teachers purchase more innovative learning materials. This material will greatly benefit our students by enhancing and engaging student learning." 

According to the 2021 Classroom Fund Grantee list, the following five SEISD educators were awarded $1,000 each worth of supplies to utilize with students. The Ann M. Garcia-Enriquez Middle School individuals who received the grant are Harry Collins and Marisol Galarza. Additional San Elizario High School recipients are Elizabeth Luna-Lopez and Rachel Norman Aguirre. Finally, the grantee of the Classroom Fund from the Lorenzo Alarcon Elementary is Rebecca Olan Gomez.

Harry Collins is a physical education teacher at Ann M. Garcia-Enriquez (GEMS). He states, "The pandemic changed many students' lives, especially in their physical and mental health, which go hand in hand. The School Fund Grant will allow our middle school P.E. class to provide alternative opportunities to exercise along with the traditional exercise methods we currently use to help build and strengthen their social, emotional, and physical health. Hopefully, this will also extend to the community and home, encouraging them to show others ways to get healthy."

From its beginnings, the Classroom Fund continues to support the educational needs of students. Teachers, counselors, school nurses, and coaches all have an opportunity to apply for a $1,000 grant. To be considered, grant applicants must apply online and include a list of supplies they request. 

GEMS Counselor Marisol Galarza thanks the El Paso Community Foundation and states, "I am deeply grateful for the grant and thrilled to utilize these items as they will enhance our SEISD Eagles' social-emotional learning."

According to the Classroom Fund website, all applications undergo a review by the Classroom Fund committee. Upon selection, grantees must provide a digital photo, video, or a thank you letter to the Foundation. The Foundation takes care of ordering the materials requested, and arrangements are made for the grantees to pick up the items.