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Texas Effective Dual Language Framework

Pictured 1: Dr. Xóchitl Anabel Rocha; Picture 2: participants reviewing focus lever and walkthrough participants gathering data;
Picture 3: Review of Classroom Observations and Teacher Focus Group sharing reflections and completing final reflections.


SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – The San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) is working collaboratively with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide all Texas Dual Language schools a guide for successfully implementing the dual language program. As a result, the Texas Effective Dual Language Framework is in a few selected campuses all over Texas, including Loya Primary and Sambrano Elementary School.

The Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program has been a part of Texas education since 1973. In addition, research throughout these years has helped schools understand and master the implementation of dual language in the classrooms. As a result, the SEISD and TEA are working collaboratively in refining the Texas Effective Dual Language Framework by implementing the framework and giving feedback.

This framework consists of three essential tools that help clarify making a dual language program extraordinary. The first tool is the Dual Language Immersion Rubric which provides a holistic description of dual language immersion programs at different stages of development. The second tool is a checklist that offers detailed actions for teachers, administrators, and the district. The third and last tool is a Dual Language Success Criteria that provides a measurement system to assess the current state and identify the highest priority areas for improvement.

The San Elizario Dual Language Committee meets with the TEA a minimum of twice every month. One is virtually, and the second time is face-to-face at the campuses. This collaboration and support are helping the district ensure that our students become bilingual and biliterate. A recent visit of the Bilingual/ ESL Program Manager, Dr. Rocha, and a team of experts were impressed with how San Elizario is moving forward.

Josue Palomino, an Instructional Officer with SEISD, states, “Simple things make significant changes.” For example, not every campus in Texas allows its students to have menudo for breakfast or their favorite sopita. In San Elizario ISD, “we connect our students to their culture by supporting their first language and providing experiences that connect them to their Hispanic traditions.” states Palomino. SEISD is a school district committed to providing the best education possible to our students and serving the community by providing experiences and tools needed to soar in life. With the guidance and support of TEA, “SEISD will continue to make our Bilingual education an exemplar for other school districts in Texas” reiterates Palomino.