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Esperanza Lopez - A True Soaring Eagle

Mrs. Esperanza Lopez

Picture: Esperanza “Espy” Lopez


SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – The San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) is proud to have hard-working employees.  One of those employees is Esperanza Lopez, an aide for classroom language development at the Garcia Enriquez Middle School (GEMS). She is one of 589 employees that serves as a champion for students.  "Espy," as she is known, is a true staple in San Eli Nation.

Espy's role in SEISD began as a child nutrition services janitor at GEMS and later served as a custodian at San Elizario High School (SEHS), a guest teacher, and a classroom aide. Her dedication and commitment to SEISD students of over 30 years are highly admirable. She is a true pillar in the San Elizario community and well respected amongst her peers.

Espy is instrumental to all athletic events at San Elizario High School (SEHS) and GEMS schoolwide activities each week. Currently, she most enjoys watching her son, Matthew Lopez, an 8th-grade student at GEMS, play football. But if you ask all employees in her sphere of influence, Espy is a true go-getter willing to assist with anything needed.  One of her greatest attributes is her generosity and willingness to wake up at 4 in the morning to make burritos for the entire school family.

April Marioni, the principal at SEHS, previously worked with Espy, and she says, "I see Ms. Espy Lopez as one of those people that touches lives everywhere she goes. When she celebrates achievements or milestones, Ms. Espy knows how to have a good time. However, I have also seen Ms. Espy suffer hardships and experience loss – and her beautiful personality and kind heart always shine through. Her generosity goes beyond her great burritos and creative artwork; she is always ready to help at a moment's notice and never hesitates to lend a helping hand. I consider myself very blessed to know a special person such as Ms. Espy Lopez."

Mrs. Lopez with staff and student

Picture (left): Athletic Director Christine Jaksch, Esperanza Lopez, and Matthew Lopez. 
Picture (right) Irene Seibold, Christine Jaksch, and Esperanza Lopez.

Espy fosters an academic influence on English learners and takes pride in assisting in their growth of the English language. As a true safe keeper, Espy even takes at-risk Eagles under her wing to ensure they are successful in their school days.  As an experienced individual, she has the skill to identify students who need support.  Many, if not all, students she assists have complex backgrounds.  Of all these attributes, Espy highlights the most influential person in her career as Mrs. Marioni, who has taught her by example to be supportive in all situations, especially during the most difficult of times. When others may walk away, Espy will step right up to the task and show support. Her willingness to assist was most evident during the pandemic.

And as Eagles graduate, Espy shares the following sentiments to all Eagles: "Remember the gifts of family, friends, and faith. They will always be your sure foundation. You have been a precious part of us every single moment. And now, with joyful gratitude, we celebrate your life. We open our hearts and let you fly." Finally, for new employees to the district, Espy wishes to welcome all to the "SEISD Family where we come together and help each other grow." Because of all these attributes, Espy is a true Soaring Eagle and a Champion for all Eagles!!!