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SEHS Career and Technical Education Teachers Receive Industry-based Certifications

SAN ELIZARIO – The Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers have been soaring high during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Despite the obstacles, they succeed in becoming role models to the San Elizario High School students. CTE teachers received the latest industry-based certifications and professional development to provide San Elizario students work-based learning experiences, certifications, program completion, and leadership opportunities. 

During the summer months to the present time, the CTE teachers have overcome the COVID-19 hurdle by continuing to certify in Industry-Based Certifications.  They have also been able to continue their professional development to provide the San Elizario students certification opportunities in programs where the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has approved the IBC program of study. Furthermore, the CTE teachers have revamped their programs to meet student needs. The CTE teachers provide opportunities and motivate students to certify in their programs.  They also link their careers to post-secondary education and gain work-based learning exposure to the industry. They also support the students in their leadership and citizenship skills through student participation in a District Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) Leadership Conference. The CTSO Conference included various competitions in which students demonstrate their career knowledge, skills, and talents to industry career judges.  

Other support to students occurred when the CTE teachers put together the 1st Annual Virtual Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) District Competition. The motto was, “Empowered to Succeed.” It was held in early spring via a virtual ZOOM platform. Students, judges, faculty, and staff were very excited for this grand occasion where all CTSOs were able to compete. After the ceremony protocols were followed, the competitions began.  Students competed in the following areas: (1) Customer Service (2) Employment Portfolio (3) Extemporaneous Speech (4) Job Demonstration (5) Job Interview (6) Prepared Speech (7) T-Shirt Design (8) Video Production.  

The students were sent excitedly into their breakout rooms to demonstrate to industry judges their knowledge, skills, and talent.  Students were judged and rated in their competition area. A competition awards ceremony was held the following day. CTSOs competing were Business Professionals of America (BPA), SkillsUSA, and Future Careers and Community Leader of America (FCCLA). There were first, second and third placements in the competitions. Both CTSO advisors and Students were excited. 

It is important to know that when a student is involved in a CTSO, students develop life–long skills such as developing interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and setting and achieving goals. CTSOs help to foster and develop positive leadership skills, self-discipline, and personal development. It also allows for students to explore opportunities to apply academic, technical, and employability knowledge and skills necessary in today’s workforce. 

Ms. Sanchez, CTE Coordinator stated. “A heartfelt thank you goes out to the San Elizario CTE Teachers that have provided our San Elizario students that much-needed normalcy in their education and for making a powerful difference to make learning more relevant in a student’s life.”  This is a great demonstration of teachers working hard as a team in difficult times to ensure San Elizario’s students are successful in their future education and career endeavors.  CTE Teachers Soaring High!   

The CTE teachers have continued their professional development to provide constant specialized instruction and had their professional certifications updated to certify students to get them career-ready to complete the program study.  The following Programs of Study will be providing students future Industry-based certifications or career pathway completion:


 Ricardo Silva 

Mr. Ricardo Silva

Automotive Program of Study: has certified in Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications and will certify students in the following ASE areas – Small Engine Repair, Brakes, Suspension, and Heating & Cooling.


 Ana Luna 

Dr. Ana Luna

Biomedical Science Program of Study: has certified in the PLTW-Human Body Systems Credential. “As a teacher I cannot underestimate the value and important difference that I can make in a student's life because the impact I make on their lives has a powerful rippling effect for a better tomorrow." – A. Luna 


Juanita Perez  

Ms. Juanita Perez

Business Management Program of Study: has certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist-Associate and Google Cloud-G Suite. She is currently certifying students in Microsoft Office 2019 and Google Suite.


Domingo Sanchez

Mr. Domingo Sanchez

Carpentry Program of Study: has already certified 7 students in OSHA 30 with the assistance of Region 19 and has recently received from the University of Texas at Arlington his Trainer Certification in OSHA Standards for Construction.


Erica Sanchez 

Ms. Erica Sanchez

Cosmetology Program of Study: has implemented a cosmetology module program that has changed the program from a 3-year program to a 2-year program. Implementing the modules provides students a better opportunity to complete their hours for the cosmetologist license and be aligned with major districts.


 Pricilla Ortiz

Ms. Pricilla Ortiz

Culinary Program of Study: has certified in ServSafe Manager and Proctor through the ServSafe National Restaurant Association. She is currently certifying students in ServSafe Manager as well.


Sylvia Ruvalcaba

Ms. Sylvia Ruvalcaba

Graphic Design Program of Study: has provided students opportunities to be a part of the contribution to San Elizario Early College High School in having the students do actual hands-on projects to create the brochure and T-shirts for the District 1st Annual Virtual Competition. “It is always great to hear from your former students as well. How they have started their own business because of our program in SEHS.” – R. Ruvalcaba


 Jose Lozano

Mr. Jose Lozano

Audio/Video Production Program of Study: has been able to adapt and provide students the ability to create virtual daily announcements by updating Google Slide presentations then recording themselves using FlipGrid and sharing the recording to teachers. " Audio and video production is an important skill for students to master especially in this social media age where multimedia storytelling is vital." – J. Lozano 


 Veronica Pulido 

Ms. Veronica Pulido

Networking Systems Program of Study: She is currently certifying students in the areas of CISCO Certified Technician (CCT), CompTIA A+ and provide work-based learning through an internship program with SEISD Technology Department. She always tells her students no fear, “Do it afraid CTE!”– V. Pulido 


 Alfredo Tellez 

Mr. Alfredo Tellez

Law Enforcement Program of Study: has recently received the certification in Level 2 – Non-Commissioned Officer and Level 3 Commissioned - Commissioned Officer at El Paso Community College Law Enforcement Academy. To support students, the MILO Range Simulator has been installed in the classroom to provide students with real-life law enforcement scenarios. 


 Debra Harris 

Ms. Debra Harris

Teaching and Training Program of Study: has been working with a Texas Tech Curriculum and providing relevant teaching experiences to students by implementing Kagan strategies, to include actual teacher documents that are required in this program area.