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School Meal Fun

Child Nutrition Services Staff


SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – As recovery from the pandemic slowly progresses, the Child Nutrition Services Department (CNS) continues to serve curbside meals in addition to the meals served inside the school.  An average of 1,500 meals is served each day to the children in our community. These meals meet all the nutrition requirements established by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Students who eat school meals every day eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, and whole grains. 

CNS employees state that it is a pleasure to serve the community.  CNS enjoys the opportunity to engage parents and students in fun ways. Cashier Gloria Guerra at Alarcon Elementary School is well known for the costumes she wears to celebrate holidays.  David Macias, Cafeteria Manager at Loya Primary, dressed up The Gingerbread Man in a costume sewn by his wife.  During the curbside meal service at San Elizario High School, Loya Primary student Savannah Sain presented an Easter treat to Maggie Paz and Diana Berumen.


Pictured left to right: Gloria Guerra, David Macias, Maggie Paz, Diana Berumen and Savannah Sain