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A Heartfelt Thank You to our Loya Parents and Grandparents

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Pictured top row:  Mrs. Adilene Vigil and Haylee Contreras.  Pictured bottom row: San Elizario City Mayor Antonio Araujo with students Brandon Diosdado - Mrs. Rodriguez, Jorge Leal - Mrs. Soliz, Ihan Trejo - Mrs. Ortega, Allison Silva - Ms. Barba, Janae Bernal - Mrs. Rodriguez, Kassidy, Hernandez - Mrs. Soliz, Ethan Vidales - Ms. Armendariz, Elissa Dominguez - Mrs. Ortega, Liv Santiesteban - Ms. Luevano


SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – This school year has been like no other. At Lorenzo G. Loya Primary, students benefit by having two teachers instructing students online, their general education teacher and a teaching assistant. To add to the list, our parents and grandparents have become the third teacher at home. We have entered the homes of our families, and caregivers have entered our virtual classrooms. Through virtual learning, the role of parents at Loya Primary has shifted. While parents are present, they help students navigate the technology.   

Parents are now assisting students with the use of an iPad or a cellular phone.  Parents ensure their children are actively engaged and participating in the daily lessons and submitting work to Google Classroom.  Traditionally, parents were involved in their children's education by attending parent-teacher conferences, parent literacy sessions, and awards ceremonies. Parent involvement has transformed into parent-engagement where teachers and parents now share a responsibility to help their children learn and meet their educational goals. One of our parents, Ms. Adalyn Vigil, shared that, "It was difficult at first because it was all new to me, and my pre-kindergarten daughter, but once I organized the daily routine, I was able to balance the role of teacher and Mom.  Though some days it's more difficult than others because of personal obligations, I am grateful that we also get to learn with our child." 

In the virtual learning environment, parents are responsible for assisting our 3- and 4-year-old preschool students to log onto Google Meets for daily instruction. Because of parents, our attendance at Loya Primary has been a steady 94% to 95%.  In speaking to the City of San Elizario Mayor, Mr. Antonio Araujo, he states, "Every morning my wife and I have a routine of getting our granddaughters ready for school.  We ensure the girls get dressed, eat breakfast, and the iPads are ready to join the virtual classrooms, not an easy task, but somehow together we get it done." 

The parents and grandparents at Loya Primary have championed learning new technology and have maintained a positive attitude towards learning. We have enjoyed seeing the students bloom throughout the year, and the relationships between our families and teachers are admirable during this unique school year. Loya Primary has a monthly distribution of instructional packets for the students with all the materials they need for the month.  It is such a wonderful sight to see when students, parents, and grandparents drive up, and they get to see their teachers in person. Our teachers and staff at Loya Primary would like to extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude for our parents and grandparents. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the investment you have made in your children's education! Together let's continue soaring for our little Eagles!