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Alarcon Eagles Fly to New Heights During Virtual Learning

Alarcon staff and teachers in action


The common adage says that "it takes a village to raise a child," but here at Alarcon Elementary School, it has taken a virtual village to open our doors into our student's lives.  During remote learning, our Eagles have not just shown up, but they are also thriving, excited, and motivated to learn. 

Alarcon Elementary is doing its best to maintain a high attendance percentage.  During their benchmark test, all but three students were present even when they had never experienced this type of testing environment before. This is a perfect example of how true to heart the students follow their core values of being Responsible, Respectful, and Safe.  Our Alarcon Eagles have been soaring even in the middle of this storm and will continue to rise above all adversity.  

Alarcon Parents, the essential "Partners in Education," is also incredible.  As virtual educators, we can see through the "window" into our students' world.  It's amazing to see the mother preparing breakfast in the kitchen, while all the children are doing their schoolwork around the kitchen table, and you know she is an expert in "classroom management."  We have also seen abuelas and abuelitos who have been sitting side by side with the students to encourage their grandchildren to be successful. We have seen how their willingness to ask questions and be open to new virtual schooling has given children the courage to also ask questions and learn.   Parents have played an integral part in their children's education while carrying all the other responsibilities of being a parent during these difficult times.  The support the parents have provided to ensure their children's success is key to having a successful school year and the Alarcon parents have shown grit and resiliency.  

It truly does take a village and this year has had countless challenges for everyone.  Mrs. de Santos, Alarcon Elementary Principal, stated "I have never been prouder of committed and genuine educators that will do whatever is asked to ensure academic success for all students."  The cafeteria staff and custodians have been relentless in fulfilling their responsibilities to provide the best service to the Alarcon students and staff.   The teachers and support staff have been stretched and challenged like never before, and they too have risen to every standard required of them.  The school nurse, Ms. Luna, has had to become much more than just a school nurse and she has done it with grace and steadfast commitment.  The librarian, Mrs. Guerrero, has created an outdoor library under a tree in the parking lot to ensure the students are reading and advancing their AR points. She held a successful Book Fair during October and holds monthly Parent Literacy Meetings.  

Alarcon will be having a Christmas program and their yearly "Dancing with the Stars" show to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their talents and celebrate this holiday season.    The Counselor, Ms. Nora Garcia continues to assist with Parent Literacy meetings, Honor Roll Assemblies, PBIS incentives, Christmas Giveaways, Eagle Proud, College Bound Week, Red Ribbon Week, and many more virtual activities for our students.  Mr. Seigel, the assistant Principal, summed it up when he said, "working together, we make things happen!" 

Dr. William Serrata, President of El Paso Community College, sent a recorded message to our Alarcon Eagles to congratulate them on their achievements thus far and we have several other community groups that have chosen Alarcon Elementary as their place to make a difference.  We continue to partner with the University of Texas at El Paso and Western New Mexico State University Social Work Department as an approved site for Social Work Interns that have worked very diligently this school year. 

Virtually but together, our village is thriving; we are helping our Alarcon Eagles soar to new heights and keep the focus on the goal!!   WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!!  GO EAGLES!!!