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San Elizario ISD Planning & Instruction Department Ready to Provide Support

PI Meeting Online

The San Elizario Independent School District has made numerous adjustments in order to continue to meet the unique educational needs of all students during this pandemic. The challenges have been many; however, these same challenges become more manageable when our district personnel become united in order to effectively close out a school year and open the 2020 -2021 school year. The Planning and Instruction Department is just one example of the great work done when teamwork and solution-oriented individuals join forces to make things happen. Ms. Diaz, instructional officer, shared, “The collaboration of our team through respect, showing kindness, and grace during this difficult time has allowed us to fully support our teachers and students in the virtual classrooms.”

The Planning and Instruction Department helped our students and teachers move into the 21st century when it came to technology integration. Our instructional officers, Georgina Diaz, Debbie Cortez, Anna Alvarez, and Sandra Rico, and Susana Frescas, Coordinator of Instructional Programs have been instrumental in ensuring that our teachers and campus instructional specialists feel supported. Soledad Gonzalez, ELAR Teacher at GEMS states, “A big shout out to Ms. Diaz and Mrs. Alvarez for always finding creative ways to assist us when we are faced with instructional technology issues. They are continuously sharing their knowledge to help us become even better online teachers.”

The instructional officers have done this by focusing on providing professional development on our new online instructional framework that includes tools such as Google Classroom, Google Meets, Kami, and Google Slides to name a few. “With the improvements of learning technologies, platforms, apps, etc., teachers were going to face various challenges toward the implementation of this online teaching; this is where our team came in,” stated Ms. Frescas.

They have ensured that teachers understand the importance of delivering explicit instruction during our remote learning experience. In addition, they have trained teachers in the use of Pear Deck, Jamboard, Gimkit and Flipgrid to measure evidence of learning. Since the start of the school closure and all through the summer, the instructional officers have also implemented Tech Tuesdays where teachers can attend sessions to learn how to make lessons more engaging by using tools such as Google Classroom, STEMScopes, Istation, Screencastify, and Bitmoji. “I am very proud of the work the Planning and Instruction Department continues to do to ensure students' success,” added Rogelio Segovia, Associate Superintendent.