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GEMS Middle School Spanish AP Scores continue to Build on Success

Si Se Pudo


SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – There are now thirty-seven students at the Ann M. Garcia Enriquez Middle School (GEMS) who have earned college credit through their participation in taking the AP Spanish exam.

For Cynthia Villareal, a teacher at the GEMS, the success of the Spanish AP is built on the work over the last four years.  Student scores show GEMS students have 90.9% success, which is higher than the Texas average of 88.4% as well as the global stats of 90.0%.  In fact, this has been a common theme in student performance on the AP Spanish exam as students have consistently scored above the state of Texas average as well as the global average every single year. 

Since 2016, Villareal has been growing the success of the Spanish AP courses at GEMS. Villareal states, “I am constantly determined to bring innovative and valuable opportunities for my students.” This was the motivation for bringing the College Board exams to GEMS, which is typically offered to mainly students enrolled in high school.

For Villareal, this meant teaching college-level coursework for students to earn credit, which would in turn provide students with the opportunity to earn college level credit where parents could save on higher education costs. Villareal states, “The greatest achievement as an educator is being able to provide our students a potentially life changing opportunity that could benefit their future and families.”

The wonderful achievements made by the students were celebrated via a skype meeting. Villareal, says “Si se Pudo!” The new GEMS Principal, Richard Salcido states, “I want to thank Ms. Villarreal for her dedication and commitment to her students.  Ms. Villarreal has high expectations for her herself as well as her students and has the ability to bring out the best in them while building strong, trusting relationships.  We appreciate all that she does to allow our Eagles to spread their wings and soar to new heights!”


(Picture provided by Mrs. Cynthia Villarreal) Translation of Phrase: Success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily