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San Elizario ISD Approves Budget with Teacher Pay Increase of 4%

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The San Elizario ISD Board of Trustees voted to approve its budget for fiscal year 2020-21 on Monday, June 15, 2020 at a scheduled special meeting.  The budget includes the general fund, the food service fund and the debt service fund.

For revenues, the district anticipates bringing in a total of $41,455,899 million, including local, state and federal funding. That is broken down into $36,275,000 million for the general fund, $3,789,324 million for the food service fund and $1,391,575 million for the debt service fund.

The budget has an anticipated $42,602,893 million in expenditures. $21,124,881 is allocated for instruction, $5,949,982 is for instructional support, $1,604,260 is for central administration, $11,323,089 is for district operations, $2,513,900 is for debt service and $86,780 is for other functions.


The district also plans to use $1,459,000 million in bond savings from the 2014 voter approved bond to address 17 projects such as HVAC replacements, drainage improvements, fire alarm upgrades, classroom renovations for new computer labs and new playground equipment for Loya Primary.

Chief Financial Officer, Norberto Rivas, also broke down the general fund by category: 83% will go to payroll costs, 7% to professional and contracted services, 5% to supplies and materials, 2% for debt service and 3% for other operating expenses. Rivas states, “There is a planned amendment to reduce operating expenditures from the approved budget once the CARES Act grant is received.”


The San Elizario ISD board will still need to approve its tax rate, which is anticipated to be done in August once final certified property values are available at the end of July.

The budget also includes compensation for staff for the FY 2020-21, which begins July 1st.

The San Elizario ISD Board of Trustees approved a 4% pay increase for teachers in the 2020-21 school year with a total of a half a million in total increases for teachers. Trustee Madrid stated, “We want for our teachers to be compensated for all of the hard work that they do and continue to do especially during these times.”  All Trustees agreed with this sentiment.  Human Resources Director Blanca Cruz states, “I am excited about the steps being taken to ensure our salaries are competitive. This will definitely help our recruiting and retention efforts.”

The Board of Trustees asked the Administration to bring the starting teacher pay to a competitive status with neighboring school districts.  Starting teacher pay will be $52,000. 
“We want to be among the top five districts in the region.” Trustee Fernie Madrid said. “We need to be ahead and not always trying to catch up.” In addition, the pay raise provides 3% for non-exempt and 2% for Administrative Professionals; with $50 monthly increase in employer health contributions. All increases will be off the midpoint.