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Josefa L. Sambrano Elementary School Welcomes New Leader

Ms. Susana Frescas

SAN ELIZARIO, TX – The San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) is happy to announce Ms. Susana Frescas as the new principal at Josefa L. Sambrano Elementary School. Ms. Frescas holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Ms. Frescas's journey in education spans various roles. From her beginnings as a bilingual classroom teacher, where she ignited the love for learning in her students, to her roles as curriculum coach, instructional facilitator, and assistant principal, Ms. Frescas has demonstrated her versatile abilities.

Ms. Fresca’s tenure as a Bilingual/ESL Coordinator and Instructional Program Administrator has honed her skills in supporting students. In addition to her extensive professional background, Ms. Frescas has undergone relevant training in gifted and talented education, Response to Intervention (RTI), 504 accommodations, Kagan Cooperative Learning, and Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS).

Dr. Rogelio Segovia, Associate Superintendent, states, “Ms. Frescas exemplifies the essence of progress and academic focus.” Josefa L. Sambrano Elementary School has 609 kindergarteners, first and second graders, and approximately thirty-three teachers. As Ms. Frescas steps into the principal role at Josefa L. Sambrano Elementary School, she brings a vision of collaboration and student-centered leadership.