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Undergarments for Our Little Eagles

Nurses and Social Workers

PICTURE #1 Borrego Elementary: Sylvia Graves, Social Worker, Sandra Mercado, LVN, Sylvia Rey-Duran-MA

Picture #2 GEMS: Daisy Lucero, MA, Aileen Serna-Cardona, LVN 

Picture #3 HS Debra Salas, CNA, Elizabeth Luna, LVN, Sylvia Graves, Social Worker


SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – During October, Lead Nurse Messina Holguin and the District Social Worker Sylvia Graves spearheaded an undergarment drive to address the need that some children do not have new underwear. Often, children living in poverty or crisis do not have access to new underwear and often wear hand-me-downs or nothing at all. 

With each passing year, serving students with an extra pair after an accident has been a great need with the school nurses at Lorenzo G. Loya Primary School. District Social Worker Sylvia Graves says, "While working with families, I discovered that most of our parents living in poverty say underwear is often the last item on their list to purchase." 

Parents concentrate on other living expenses such as food, rent, utilities, school supplies.  According to Social Worker Graves, "Underwear is often the last item on the list to purchase for their children." 

As a district with greater than 60% "economically disadvantaged" students, most families in San Elizario qualify for some governmental assistance. According to the U.S. Census Bureau of Statistics, 3,625 of 9,191 San Elizario residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year. One out of every 2.5 residents of San Elizario live in poverty. Low financial resources make it difficult for parents to cover living expenses. 

District personnel understands parents are struggling financially and donating a pair of underwear to a child in need made sense. A child not having underwear can make the school day difficult. It often affects their self-esteem for fear that others will notice or evoke insecurity, making it hard to concentrate. 

Underwear is taken for granted for some until you do not have any. However, a necessity like underwear is simply a tiny problem for children in need of so much more, so every underwear donated counts to help bring comfort and confidence to a child.