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Assistant Principal Collaborative

Assistant Principal Collaborative

Principals Teresa Wilks, Richard Salcido, and April Marioni are presenting at the Assistant Principal Collaborative.  

SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – The San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) focuses on bringing more significant support for leadership colleagues through developing the Assistant Principal Collaborative (AP Collaborative).  One of the new initiatives the district is using to build its leadership team is the AP Collaborative.  With Mrs. Veronica Brashear, a current assistant principal at Borrego Elementary School, as the lead and Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Rogelio Segovia's guidance in the SEISD, the AP Collaborative met to begin the work at hand.  

The purpose of the AP Collaborative program is the seamless collaboration of assistant principals to share best practices to strengthen leadership skills and create a culture of trust, collegiality, exploration, and mutual respect. The AP Collaborative will cover several topics specific to the duties and responsibilities of individuals in the role of an assistant principal.  Mrs. Brashear states, "This is the first year we have had this type of initiative. I believe it will help grow our administrative teams and strengthen our district leadership." 

The AP Collaborative invites expert panelists to come and share their insight and answer any questions administrators have on the topic presented or other items as requested.  The first AP Collaborative featured guest panelists in September.  Some of the presenters were Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Meza Chavez, Principals Mrs. Teresa Wilks, and Mr. Richard Salcido, who shared their guiding principles and non-negotiables with the collaborative attendees. Mrs. Marioni and Mrs. Haynes also presented the Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS) protocols to have and refine as the new year continues underway.   

The following AP Collaborative will take place on November 15. We are all excited for the continued growth and strong leadership that will emerge from this collaboration.