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Nine San Elizario ISD Educators Receive the Classroom Fund Grant

Top row left to right: Kevin Elizalde, Lorena Mendoza Krystal Mijares, Ruth Ramirez, and Nora Garcia.
Bottom row left to right: Johanna Gonzalez-Frias, Blanca Guerrero, Myriam Sanchez, and Theresa Garay.


SAN ELIZARIO, TEXAS – The Classroom Fund was established in 2011 to help teachers with classroom supplies.  School teachers from across the El Paso and Las Cruces areas can apply for the grant.  With the generous support of The El Paso Community Foundation, the Classroom Fund grants educators the necessary supplies to help support students.  In all, the San Elizario ISD had nine teachers receive a combined $9,000 worth of supplies.  Teresa Wilks, the Principal of Borrego Elementary School states, “It warms my heart to see how many of our educators were awarded the Classroom Fund. Exciting times are ahead as we see the resources used to educate our students. It truly does take a village and we are grateful for the generosity of the El Paso Community Foundation.” 

According to the 2021 Classroom Fund Grantee list, the following nine San Elizario ISD educators were awarded $1,000 each worth of supplies to utilize with students.  Individuals from Alfonso Borrego, Sr. Elementary School who received the grant are music teacher Kevin Elizalde, special education teacher Lorena Mendoza, special education teacher Krystal Mijares and at-risk teacher Ruth Ramirez.  Recipients from Lorenzo Alarcón Elementary School who were awarded the grant are Counselor Nora Garcia, special education teacher Johanna Gonzalez-Frias, and librarian Blanca Guerrero. The grantees of the Classroom Fund from the Ann Garcia-Enriquez Middle School are Counselor Theresa Garay and middle school art teacher Myriam Sanchez. 

Ms. Leticia De Santos states, "It is with such great excitement and gratitude that members of our faculty and staff were selected as recipients for the grant, which will go towards supporting our Alarcon Eagles."  Since its inception, the Classroom Fund continues to support the educational needs of students.  Teachers, counselors, school nurses, and coaches all have an opportunity to apply for a $1,000 grant.  All that grant applicants need to do is apply online and include the supply list they are requesting.  According to the Classroom Fund website, all applications undergo a review by the Classroom Fund committee.  If selected, grantees must provide a digital photo, video, or a thank you letter to the Foundation. The Foundation takes care of ordering the materials requested, and arrangements are made for the grantees to pick up the items.  

Mr. Richard Salcido, the Principal of the Ann Garcia-Enriquez Middle School, states, “We are proud of our faculty and staff for advocating for the needs of our students and taking the time to go above and beyond to seek out resources.  Our campus will benefit from their dedication and commitment to the success of our students.”