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  • What We Do

    The Planning & Instruction (P&I) department serves the needs of teachers and administrators by providing services and support that help schools provide the best educational programs possible for all students ensuring that every student graduates from high school ready for a post-secondary education or career. P&I has worked with teachers across the district to refine the curriculum into a tool that meets the needs of diverse learners: special needs students, emergent bilingual students, advanced academics students, and students at risk of dropping out of school. This department works collaboratively with campuses in Language Arts and Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Early Childhood, Professional Development, and Advanced Academics. 

    Planning and Instruction Mission Statement

    To promote a culture of collaboration that supports student achievement outcomes through engaging, relevant learning experiences.

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  • Planning & Instruction Department
    San Elizario Administration Offices
    PO Box 920
    1050 Chicken Ranch Road
    San Elizario, Texas
    Phone: (915) 872-3920
    Fax: (915) 872-3921

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