The San Elizario I.S.D Transportation Department will provide safe, reliable transportation to San Elizario Independent School District students and staff as required, in order to achieve the maximum quality of service.  The department will have continuous improvements made to our routing system, establish and monitor proper procedures regarding transportation such as bus safety, proper pre-tip / post-trip inspections, and reinforce to bus riders proper conduct expectations.  Processes will be evaluated regularly in order to effectively meet our student's transportation needs.

.                   Transportation Dept

                        Transp Office

Transportation Office Staff from Left to Right:
Juan Garcia (Dispatcher),Jesus Martinez (Supervisor), Sandra Martinez (Secretary) and Eloy Mendiola (Lead Driver)


Regular Routes


Transportation is available for children who live two miles or more from their assigned school.  The distance a student lives from their assigned school is measured using the shortest route that may be traveled on publicly maintained roads between the flag pole of the campus and the drive way of the student's legal residence.  Students residing within two miles of their assigned school may have transportation available if their main route qualifies as a hazardous road.

Socorro Rd. and Camino De La Rosa Rd. are the two roads that are classified as hazardous.  Students who reside within two miles of their corresponding school and do not have an alternative route and must walk on these streets to get to their assigned campus are eligible for transportation.

Pick Up Time Criteria

Regular transportation attempts to arrive at every bus stop on time.  Due to the variances between individual clocks, students are asked to arrive to their designated bus stop 5 to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time.  Regular buses do not wait for late students under most circumstances.  After the release bell sounds at the school for students to board, students are expected to proceed immediately to the buses.

Route Design

Bus routes are created to enhance student safety while maximizing route efficiency.  Stops are formulated to allow students to wait off the main roadway for the bus.  It is the parent's responsibility to supervise their children between their home and the bus stop and while at the bust stop.  Stops are not placed in dead-end streets to minimize bus accidents while backing (Backing is a very dangerous maneuver to a school bus).  Stops are spread as far apart as criteria will allow in order to help decrease the number of stops each bus will make on its route:  this minimizing riding time for the students.  Stops are created at mid-block or block as a non-discriminating practice.

Texas Education Agency has approved that Elementary / Secondary students may be required to walk up to 1/2 of a mile to a bus stop.  Bus routes are designed to limit student ride time to no more than 45 minutes one-way.  The above design attention is for regular students only.  Students in special programs are subject to different design criteria.  Although, it is the student's responsibility to get off at their respective stops, every effort will be taken so that students will be dropped off at their designated locations only.  Pre-Kinder thru second grade students will only be dropped off only if an approved guardian or authorized adult is present.  Should a guardian or a parent not be present, the student will be returned to their respective school.
San Elizario Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age in its programs, activities, or employment.

El Distrito Escolar de San Elizario no discrimina en base a raza, color, nacionalidad, religiĆ³n, sexo, discapacidad, y/o edad, en sus programas, actividades, o empleo.
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