Open Records

Instructions and Procedures to Request Open Records:

  • All Open Records Requests shall be referred to the Human Resources Department, and must be provided in written form by either fax, email, postal mail, or personal delivery.
  • The Human Resources Department will forward requests to the appropriate department or personnel designee. If there are any questions regarding the request, the Human Resources Director/designee will contact the district's attorney for advice. 
  • The Human Resources Department will obtain a signature from the requestor agreeing to pay the costs, if any, to copy the information. The approval from the requestor will be forwarded to the department gathering the information.
  • Once information is ready to be disseminated, it will be returned to the Human Resources Department, which will then contact the requestor.
  • All charges for the Open Records must be paid in Finance Office. Upon payment of charges, available copies of documents requested will be given to the requestor. Please refer to policy GBAA Guidelines for Copy Charges.
  • The Human Resources Department will retain the signed forms and keep them on file electronically.
  • Click on link below to access and fill-out the Open Records Request form

     Open Records Request Form (PDF)

Please return signed form in one of the following methods:
1.  Via Email:
2.  Fax: 915.872.3901
3.  Drop off at: 1050 Chicken Ranch Road, San Elizario, TX 79849

Visit our Central Administration Offices located at 1050 Chicken Ranch Road, San Elizario, TX, for assistance filling out the Open Records Request Form. Computers are available in Human Resources for your use. Any questions or further information, please contact HR Assistant at (915) 872-3900 or email:
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