Out of District Transfer Information

  • San Elizario is an open-enrollment district. Students residing outside the district are welcome to apply as an out of district transfer.

    The following criteria will be considered for any new or returning out of district transfers:

    • Attendance
    • Grades
    • Discipline

    San Elizario ISD uses an online transfer application process. Please click on the Transfer Request Application Form below to submit your request electronically.  Once a transfer is requested, the system will electronically send information to the appropriate personnel for approval. You will receive verification via email as to the status of your application.  Transfer students must be approved by the campus you wish to transfer your student to, and finalized by the Superintendent’s Office, prior to your online registration.

    Note: Transfer application must be submitted every school year for approval prior to registering.  The campus administrator reserves the right to deny any application on the basis of attendance, grades, and discipline issues from the prior school year for both returning students and students coming from another district.