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  • Culinary Arts Program of Study Culinary Arts Program of Study

    I. Introduction to Culinary Arts (1 Credit, GL 9-10)
    a. Emphasizes the principles of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling the management of a variety of food service operations. The course will provide insight into the operation of a well-run restaurant. Introduction to Culinary Arts will provide insight into food production skills, various levels of industry management, and hospitality skills. This is an entry level course for students interested in pursuing a career in the food service industry. 
    b. Certification:  Food Handler

    II. Culinary Arts (2 Credits, GL 10-12)
    a. Begins with the fundamentals and principles of the art of cooking and the science of baking and includes management and production skills and techniques. Students can pursue a national sanitation certification or other appropriate industry certifications. This course is offered as a laboratory-based course.
    b. Recommended Prerequisite: Introduction to Culinary Arts
    c. Certification: Food Handler

    III. Advance Culinary Arts (2 Credits, GL 10-11)
    a. Will extend content and enhance skills introduced in Culinary Arts by in-depth instruction of industry-driven standards to prepare students for success in higher education, certifications, and/or immediate employment.
    b. Prerequisite: Culinary Arts
    c. Certification: ServSafe Manager

    IV. Practicum in Culinary Arts (2 Credits, GL 12)
    a. A unique practicum that provides occupationally specific opportunities for students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with actual business and industry career experiences. Practicum in Culinary Arts integrates academic and career and technical education; provides more interdisciplinary instruction; and supports strong partnerships among schools, businesses, and community institutions with the goal of preparing students with a variety of skills in a fast-changing culinary art-based workplace.
    b. Prerequisite: Advance Culinary Arts
    c. Certification: ServSafe Manager 

    Program of Study at a glance - Culinary Arts Program of Study  Program of Study at a glance - Culinary Arts Program of Study 


    • Food Handler
    • ServSafe Manager 

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