How to Resign or Retire from SEISD

  • Create a letter of resignation/retirement.

    Letter must include the following:

    • Full Name
    • Title-Position
    • Campus/Department Name
    • Type of separation: Resignation or Retirement
    • Last day of employment with SEISD


    Date: 01/01/2021


    "I, (employee name) employee at (campus/department) will be (resigning/retiring) from the San Elizario Independent School Distsrict effective on December 18, 2021."


                    (Signature & Date)                 


    Submit letter to appropriate supervisor for signature, date & acceptance.

    Campus/Department will forward official letter to Human Resources for Director and Superintendent approval. 

    Employee will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from Human Resources.

    When the resignation/retirement letter is approved by Human Resources, an acknowledgement/release e-mail will be sent to the employee which provides details on the separation/exit process to follow.


    SEISD thanks you for your service and wishes you luck in your future endeavors.