Benefits of the Early College High School Program

  • San Elizario ECHS

    Students can explore industries of interest to them

    San Elizario Early College High School students take classes that relate to real-world jobs. Academic advisers provide insight on how the materials they cover can expand their career options and paychecks. Students in the program do not necessarily need to stick to their degree once they get to college, however, exploring a degree early saves time they may have spent while paying for college.

    The San Elizario Early College High School offers students the opportunity to graduate with a college associate degree in one of seven disciplines:

    • Information Systems
    • Business Administration
    • General Studies
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Health Sciences
    • Computer Science
    • Music/Fine Arts

    Get college experience while in high school!

    Students take classes on a college campus so they are exposed to peers who are already on their way to attaining a college education. Early college experiences build confidence and better prepare students for a four-year university and the independence that comes with it.

    Students have access to hands-on personalized support

    Students receive personalized support through college and career coaches. There are also mentoring opportunities for students and plenty of tutoring programs.

    Early College opens the door to potential scholarship opportunities

    A degree earned through the Early College Program will transfer to any Texas public university. Students will graduate with a high school diploma and an associate's degree.

    This program is FREE!

    The San Elizario Early College High School allows students to start college and/or build a career at NO cost to families. San Elizario ISD pays the tuition, course fees, and textbooks for all students enrolled in the program – saving students and families both time and money.