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    Learn About the Redesigned SAT Suite of Assessments


    The SAT

    The SAT is a standardized test that high school students take before applying to colleges.  The SAT exam consists of: reading, writing and mathematics.  Scores for the SAT will fall between 200 and 800.  Achievement on the SAT is information used by colleges to determine whether an applicant will be accepted.  San Elizario High School administers the SAT 2 times: Students can register to take the exam at other sites administering the exam on dates not given at SEHS.

    The ACT

    The ACT is a test required for admissions to many colleges.  It is given 3 times at San Elizario High School  However, our SEHS students may register to take the exam at other sites when the exam is not offered at SEHS.  The ACT consists of multiple choice questions in English, math, reading, and science.  The ACT also offers an optional writing test consisting of an essay.  Performance on the ACT is one of the important pieces of information that college admissions representatives look at when they decide whether to accept and applicant.  The exam serves as a standard for predicting students’ success in college courses.

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