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    Have you ever been inspired by someone that makes you feel more fulfilled, healthier, and happier? If so, now you understand how positive inspiration has the ability to change the way we feel about life.
    (¿Alguna vez se ha sentido inspirado en alguien que lo haga sentir más satisfecho, saludable y feliz? Si es así, ahora comprende cómo la inspiración positiva tiene la capacidad de cambiar la forma en que nos sentimos ante la vida.) ​

    Help us recognize who was a positive influence capable of inspiring you!
    (¡Ayúdenos a reconocer quién fue una influencia positiva capaz de inspirarlo!)

SURVEY Responses!

Tsafira Serros inspires me because she always finds a way to help. Now she adopted a Highway to help our community.

Ricardo Herrera - cause he is so confident.

Gustavo Sosa - Mrs. Sosa, the reason for which why Mr.Sosa is an inspiration is because of his character and his way of being. When I was in sixth grade me and my classmates would enjoy learning besides him. Even before I was in sixth grade he seemed like the best teacher in the world and he is. The day he stops teaching I will have lost my inspiration to do good in school and to continue because he is like a father in school he is caring funny and he always tries his best to make you feel better even his day is not going as well either. When he was with the robotics team he made every single person special and we all felt like a true team we were all a puzzle piece to a picture. Thank you Mr. Sosa for all you do.

Martha Alicia Alvarado always makes me stand up and do what I think is best for me.

Samantha Madrid - she is proud of her art she is very funny and nice she is honestly the best person in the world! She is also my big sister.

Fernanda es muy buena.

Anahi Morales - I want to follow Anahi's steps, because she is such a smart, beautiful, and inspiring girl. She is totally a role model to follow.

Suky Vacio helps me and the community by being a volunteer in different places.

Michael Ognibene - just does in the best way.

Deputy Placencia is a caring person and he is always trying to help others.

Reyna Rodrigues Inspires Me!
This past school year my heart hurt for the loss of one of my students. I think of him every day. Many times I blame myself for not knowing enough or doing enough. I decided to distant myself from my students.
I replied to an email to teach one of our home bound students thinking some other teacher would get the assignment. To my surprise when I sat in that first meeting to meet the mom, I was not expecting what this little girl was going through. Reyna had a tumor removed back in April and since then she receives chemotherapy on regular basis. She is so strong.
I was thinking to myself what have I gotten myself into. How am I going to face her. How will I handle this. I made this all about me. The first meeting was the hardest.. the not knowing.
I first met Reyna on a nice warm day, a Monday after school. Big brown eyes looking at me I realized that she was more nervous than I was. Her name Reyna. A very humble little girl. I quickly realized how eager she was to learn.
Each time I see Reyna after a long day at work she gives me so much energy. Her attitude for life is remarkable. I know this experience in her life will inspire so many more people. Reyna inspires me! Reyna inspires me to be a better person, a better teacher each and everyday.

Mrs. Maldonado inspires me because she is great at teaching but as well she knows how to be a real role model.

Jessiah Pineda is my son and an inspiration to me because of his multiple character traits that he constantly displays. He is a hard working student that loves and values education. He inspires me to be a better educator/coach for my students and student athletes. He loves being actively engaged in everything I am involved in and is part of my classroom without being my student. He is a joy to all my students and is a daily reminder of the love I have for my family, my role as an educator, and my students.

Mrs. Hernandez - Always prepared. Walks the Talk. Passion AND Compassion.Teaches Bell to Bell. Everyday, All day.

Susana Frescas - She works hard to achieve Districts goals and to serve a larger purpose: to advance the careers of employees, to make a real difference and impact in the community, to rescue struggling teachers, to instill a sense of pride and self-worth in others. She believes in the unbelievable. Business is personal in everything she leads. Truly, WONDER WOMEN!

Flor Reza - Through the good and the bad she stands by my side as a reminder that nothing can get in my way of being the best I can be. She reminds me that no matter the situation, even when feeling down, I can accomplish and push myself to new levels of success.