New Senate Bill 463

  • Alternative Graduation for TAKS-Era Students

    TAC §74.1027

    Did you enter high school prior to 2011-2012, and did not graduate due to TAKS testing? 

    If so, there may still be a path for you to officially graduate!


    Please review this list below. If you meet these criteria first, keep on reading!

    Did you: 

    1. Enter 9th grade before the 2011-2012 school year?

    2. Pass all of your classes and earn all of your high school credits?

    3. Fail one or more of the required TAKS tests, even though you took them at least 3 times?


    Do all of the above apply to you? If you weren't allowed to graduate due to these factors, there may be a path to graduation if you have something else from the list below. 


    Do you have any one of these? 

    1. General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

    2. High School Equivalency Certificate

    3. College credits or any college hours--UTEP, EPCC, Southwest University, Vista College, Western Tech, etc. (does not have to be a 4-year university)

    4. Military service records that indicate any past or current armed forces service

    5. Licenses or certifications specific to current or prior jobs you've held since high school

    If you believe you also have something from the list above, then apply for alternative graduation! We will review your records and see if we might be able to help you graduate under this law. Please download the Application Form by clicking the link below. Read the instructions and fill out the form, then email it to Lisa Renegar at the email address below.

    Application Form

    San Elizario ISD Contact Person: Ms. Lisa Renegar;; (915) 872-3900 ext. 3564

    Thank you and let us know if you need any help applying.