Welcome to Our District Social Worker

  • The district social worker is a liaison between the school, home, and the community. They assist students and their families in consulting and collaborating with school personnel and other community agencies in order to promote resiliency and academic success. They also serve as the McKinney Vento and Foster Care Liaison for the district.


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    What do Social Workers do?

    We provide direct services to students who have been identified as homeless or are in Foster Care.

    We provide indirect services to students who have been identified by their campus who are having behavioral, attendance, health, social or economic problems.

    About us?

    The Social Worker Department has been in existence for over 17 years. The social workers were originally located at Lorenzo Loya Primary School and at San Elizario High School. Now, social workers float from campus to campus to provide additional support to all students.    Mrs. Graves supports Lorenzo Loya Primary School, Lorenzo G. Alarcon Elementary, and Josefa L. Sambrano Elementary. Mrs. Parra supports Alfonso Borrego Sr. Elementary, Garcia-Enrique Middle School, and San Elizario High School.