• Benchmark 3: Target Population

    The Early College High School (ECHS) shall target and enroll historically underserved students. The campus must enable students who are at-risk of dropping out or those who wish to accelerate
    completion of high school to combine high school courses and college-level courses.
    Enrollment decisions shall not be based on state assessment scores, discipline history, teacher recom-mendations, parent or student essays, minimum grade point average (GPA), or other criteria that cre-ate barriers for student enrollment.


  • 3.2 Documenting Enrollment Procedures:

SEECHS - Admission Policy and Enrollment Application

  • SEECHS - Admission Policy and Enrollment Application

Recruitment Plan and Recruitment Materials

  • 3.3 Stakeholder Engagement:


Communication Plan

  • 3.4 Lottery System:

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